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Hopefully, you have already completed or booked a place in the ECSPC "HANDGUN & TACTICAL RIFLE Training for Film & TV" Course along with the "Advanced Firearm Skillset Training course" and are looking to take your training to the next level.


Dynamic Vehicle Combative Course - 1 Day


This course is the only one of its type available in the United Kingdom. Based on reality, not only will this course take your acting skills to a level not previously available to actors in Europe or the UK, but it will also teach you vital skills that will help you in your daily life.


The course has been adapted from our highly successful reality-based course taught to students in Africa and the USA. Initially developed for law-abiding legal firearm owners, law enforcement, and the military we are now offering it to actors looking for the best and to take their careers to the next level.


Enhance your acting skills and daily life, preparing yourself for success by learning to avoid potential conflicts and getting ready for your day-to-day vehicle routine.


Topics covered:

  •  Setting yourself up for success. Scene Set up for max effect
  •  Advanced Driving Techniques
  •  Dynamic shooting from seated / standing positions
  •  Dynamic shooting from a kneeling position
  •  Combatives inside and out of a vehicle
  •  Inside / Outside one's vehicle shooting techniques
  •  Disarm techniques inside and out of vehicles
  •  Effective real-world gear set-up to maximise the shot




Fully NFA accredited.

Taught by those who have been there and done it for real.

Remember, this class is an exclusive offering from us. You won't find it anywhere else.




Level 1 - Handgun & Tactical Rifle Training for Film & TV course (2 Day)
Level 2 - Advanced Firearm Skillset Training for Film & TV course (1 Day)


Our private training ranges facilitate courses in WALES or the Isle of Sheppey. These are the following dates available for the Dynamic Vehicle Combative Course in 2024:


  • Friday 16th August 2024 | Isle of Sheppey | £189


To help with the cost, the National Firearms Association UK is giving its members £10 towards this Advanced Firearm Skill Set Training Course (1 Day) for those who purchase directly online here. At this stage, most of you would be members by now, and if you still haven't joined, you can click the link here to go to the website and join. Joining the NFA UK will also give you access to the Online Firearm training course facilitated by Firearm Training for Film & TV. So, it's a great way to stay up-to-date with your training.


We spend a lot of time training outside of these course days, so if you are interested, get in touch and give us a call at 02922 680699


This is a one-day course from 0900 to around 1530 - 1630. All you need to do is show up, start shooting, and have some fun. A certificate will be presented at the end of the day.


Please state if you have any allergies or are allergic to anything. We don't provide lunch but sometimes light snacks and the usual refreshments, such as tea, coffee, and drinks.  

Dynamic Vehicle Combative Course (1 Day)