Once you have completed our "Handgun & Tactical Rifle training for Film & TV" course you will probably want to show off your new firearm handling skills and add them to your portfolio and showreel. 


We have created this Showreel Package for you where we can focus on filming a scene of your choice as opposed to focused training. That said the showreel package comes with hands-on advising and continuous coaching to make sure what we film is only the best. The session will last a max of 3hours with for a scene that is no more than 60 seconds 


The showreel Package includes...


1. Full Hire of all Firearms, you just choose what you want

2. The ammunition you need to complete the scene, whether blanks or live rounds 

3. Hands-on technical advising and direction

4. The camera(s) & sound equipment

5. Ongoing Training and Advising

6. A great battlefield facility with free convenient parking

7. Basic editing, SFX and color grading

8. Copywrite free Music and sound effects

9. Hot & Cold drinks




One Person in the showreel is £399

Two People in the same showreel is reduced to £349 each

Three People in the same showreel is reduced to £299 each

Four people and more in the same showreel is reduced to £279 each


Next Step:


1. Purchase online

2. We will be in touch right away to arrange a 30min consultation where we will plan what it is you want to create and what dates work for you.

3. You are welcome to film & edit the footage yourself or we can do it for you.

4. We will then send you the complete footage via we-transfer in the format(s) of your choice.


If you haven't trained with us and want to take advantage of this showreel package then please get in touch and we can create a package that includes training.

Firearms Showreel Package Day

  • Refunds are not offered on these showreel packages or transferable to other dates once a date has been confirmed.