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Extreme Bulldog 0.12g yellow 1000 Airsoft BB in a reusable plastic bag – Extreme Bulldog Airsoft 0.12g yellow 6mm BB Pellets are game ready. Designed to optimise the performance of all budget Airsoft Guns, improving accuracy with every shot. To improve your game or target shooting accuracy down range, you must try Extreme Bulldog Airsoft BBs.


Precision is the most critical factor for high-quality BB pellets. Designed to maximise the performance of your airsoft guns and pistols. Your favourite Bulldog BBs now have a re-sealable sturdy tub or bag for easy transportation. Bulldog BBs are now the number one-selling BB in the UK and are used by players and gun collectors alike.


  • New Hard Compound
  • Polished Finish
  • Accurate Weight
  • No Seams or Pitting
  • Good Centre of Gravity
  • No Air bubbles
  • Low Deviation of Roundness
  • 5.95mm + 0.01mm Calibrated
  • Laser Scanning to Ensure Quality


Extreme Bulldog BBs stand out from the rest with performance, accuracy and low price. 


  • Made with environmentally friendly materials
  • Designed for professional training & simulation gaming
  • Highest rating in accuracy, grouping, and range
  • Made by the #1 BB manufacturer


The price is for one bag that contains 1000 BBs and includes delivery to anywhere in the UK. International postage will need to be paid if you are outside the UK. 

Extreme Bulldog 0.12g Yellow 1000 Airsoft BB Pellets

  • The sales of this item have been restricted to adults only. There is no minimum age requirement by law to use this item, however adult supervision is recommended at all times. You must be 18 years or over to purchase this product. 


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