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Footage of you on the Training Course

Many people not only want the expert training but the footage to show them demonstrating the new skills they've acquired. To help with this, we have added a new video option to the training course where we will film you carrying out the weapon handling skills you've learned over the two to three days then put it all together in a professional 1080 HD video for only £179.


If you would like the video also edited in a 9:16 format for Instagram Reels then select the option at checkout for an additional £25.00. This will mean it can be shared on Social media and get alot more traction if you are growing a social following. 


Your Video will be made up of the following...


1. Animated Start card with your name and title

2. Clips of you in action carrying out your firearm drills 

3. Cool transitions giving energy to your video

4. Copyright-free music overlay that you can choose from over 1000 tracks

5. Lower third text options

6. End card option with text if required

7. FT4FT logo


Check out a couple of examples of what to expect your video to look like


A few things to be aware of...

1. This is only available on courses and activities in south wales

2. If you want dialogue please get in touch first as this would be a different option

3. Our logo will be on all the footage due to the very low price

4. Only one person per video

5. There will be no revisions to the final edit

6. You can select your music/sound effects from https:// Just tell us what track you want and we will buy it for your video. 

7. No raw footage will be provided so please do not ask. You can opt for a very basic showreel with no music or effects. Just the footage color corrected.

8. The showreels will be used for marketing purposes and posted on all socal media platforms.

9. Some of the showreel examples above were made during one-2-one training where we had time to focus on more deatil. To see all the showreels visit our YouTube Channel

Footage of you on the Training Course

  • Refunds are not offered on this product. All purchases are final and there are no revisons to th efinal edit