Those students who are on their combat training journey with Raph Aldis -  STAGEFIGHT (School of Performance Combat) can get to join the 2-day "Handgun & Tactical Rifle Training for Film & TV" course for a reduced price of only £240 including your lunch. You must have attained a STAGEFIGHT ECSPC Screen Combat Stage-1 Qualification Certificate


Each course is followed by the  "Advanced Firearm Skillset Training" course on the day after (Thursday).  For July & Aug 2021 we are offering a one-time offer for you to save more money. If you select this option "when you book" on the Handgun & Tactical Rifle for film & TV course today you will only pay £110 instead of £139 and get your food for free on that day. 


You will find a list of the course dates in the above pictures. Each course is the first Tuesday & Wednesday of each month followed by the Advanced Course on the Thursday. 


Course Description... 

This is your chance to experience the handling of firearms with a hands-on training course to increase your skills while having fun doing so. Learn how to hold and load multiple Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns while moving like a professional feeling confident that when that on-screen opportunity comes, you will be competent and safe to perform like a pro.


We will cover the basics like...

1. The safe use of firearms in Film & TV productions recommended by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)

2. The 4 main safety rules when handling firearms and how they benefit you on as an Actor

3. Familiarisation of the different types of firearms available on-screen past and present and how they work

4. Marksmanship principals with tactical movement and firing positions to fit different firearm roles on Film & TV

5. Competency and safety testing

6. Shooting during film

7. Live Fire Target Shooting


DAY ONE will be the "Handgun for Film & TV course" where we will cover everything you need to know when dealing with handguns on screen and experience firing a Glock 17 or Beretta M9 pistol, the blank firing of course along with a Colt Peacemaker Blank firing Revolver as you see on Westerns or period dramas.


DAY TWO will be the "Tactical Rifle for Film & TV course" where we will cover tactical rifles like the M4/AR15, AK47 and the G36 used by British Firearm Police. We will step it up with more tactics to give you the ability to act as natural as possible while manipulating firearms in front of the camera.


We have now incorporated live firing Pump-Action Shotguns so you can truly experience recoils while incorporating the skills you will learn to accurately shoot at our blow-up targets to finish the course with a bang. Over the two days, you will cover the 7 areas broken down above.


There will be a lot of hands-on practicals on both days but no rolling about or playing soldiers so no matter what your age or ability you will be able to join in on the action. We carry out assessments of competence as the course progresses to make sure you are at the correct standard of weapon handling and safety.


All this over two days for only £240 and you can pay securely right here. Spaces are limited to just 8 per course for optimal individual attention so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Each day is from 09:30 to 15:00 and can be booked individually for those who have already been on the "Handgun for Film & TV course" before and now want to join us on the "Tactical Rifle for Film & TV Course" and complete the full training.


This year we have included lunch into the course package at no extra cost. Please state that you want to take advantage of this and if you have any allergies or allergic to anything. Even if you don't opt-in please provide this information.


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Terms & Conditions

  • Over 18’s only and Photographic ID will be required (Unless agreed otherwise before booking)
  • All participants must be fully paid before the start of the course
  • Refunds are not offered on places or transferable
  • No pictures or film is to be taken at any time
  • We reserve the right to alter course times, location, course content and to cancel classes due to any unavoidable and /or unforeseen circumstances.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission or tuition.
  • By booking a place on this event you accept the terms and conditions of the company and release it from blame for any injury during the course.
  • All pictures and video footage belong to Firearm Training for Film & TV
  • Only footage that shows a safe firearm handling will be supplied online
  • A Personal Release form is expected to be signed upon arrival
  • Once participants show a clear understanding of the content and what is required to maintain a safe handling for stage and film a certificate will be issued outlining and endorsing this.
  • If at any time we perceive your behavior as unsafe, unruly or argumentative then we reserve the right to ask you to leave the course location immediately where you will forfeit all monies paid of this or future courses.

Handgun & Tactical Rifle Training for Film & TV (STAGEFIGHT STUDENTS ONLY)

  • If your New to "Firearm Training for Film & TV" then this is the course to start off your journey with us! Full details in the description.